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Monthly Musings: May 2021

Happy end of May! I have to say, although it hasn’t been an awful month, I’m pleased May is over and we’re heading into a warm and sunny June. I was hoping May would be the month of spring-time walks among wildflowers and new-born lambs that I had so enjoyed last year, but it just didn’t deliver this time. The lack of pretty countryside photos in my phone proves this!

So, despite it not being the most exciting one, here’s my musings for May 2021…

Highlights of the month

May was one of England’s milestone months for more lockdown restrictions being eased. That meant that more people could socialise with select numbers of family and friends again, and we could all once again have a drink in a pub and a much-craved meal in our favourite restaurants! While I haven’t caught up with all my friends yet, I did have a pub brunch with one friend and ohhh, the normality felt good!

I also spent a week taking care of a neighbours rabbit and when I say ‘taking care’, I mean cleaning a little bit, cuddling a lotta bit. Notice I was still wearing a beanie in May. MAY. When the weather wasn’t all that bad, I managed to squeeze in a few lovely, local walks and when the weather was bad, I stayed home and baked banana bread!


Last month, I announced I had passed my TEFL course, which means I’m now certified to teach English as a foreign language! This month, I completed a top-up course specifically aimed at teaching one-to-one and I’m getting ever closer to finding my first teaching job!

Time to travel!?

So along with the easing of some restrictions, in May people starting travelling again… to select countries. As much as I’d love to return to my beloved Portugal, for me – travelling abroad is still not something I’m planning to do any time soon. Instead, like many Brits, I’ve been searching for a staycation for later this year.

And at the start of the month, after numerous scrolling-sessions I finally found a near-perfect house in Looe, Cornwall to stay in for a week this September. Like pretty much everyone, I’m very excited at the prospect of a getaway. And quite honestly, I wouldn’t have minded where we went, I just can’t think of anything better than – after all this time – being by the sea!

Throwback to sunsets in Portugal – I miss this place ๐Ÿ™

Finding a work balance…

I’ve been working a lot throughout May and am trying to suss out how I can start looking for teaching work alongside my current job and eventually create a balance of the two. I’d also love some time to enjoy being with friends and family, do some exploring and other fun things – especially after the year we’ve all had! I’m definitely re-thinking everything and feeling that a balance of work and time to myself is more important than over-working myself. That is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the last year and a half. I will write more on this topic soon!

The blog…

In terms of this little blog, it’s sadly taken a bit of a back seat with everything else going on. At times I’ve questioned whether my priorities have just changed too much to be able to fit in the blog as well. But I love to write, I always have, and I’m still determined to push on and keep producing content (even if it is a little slow).

So I’ve just published my Ultimate Ubud Guide for first-time travellers to Bali. My time in Bali was very special, and it was really my first insight to South East Asia! So for a long time, I’ve wanted to share everything I possibly could for other Bali first-timers! I hope it’s helpful and I hope it inspires a future trip to Ubud.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud, Bali
Read my Ultimate Ubud Guide HERE!

That’s about it for my May – how was yours? Here’s hoping June is a fab month for us all!

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