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Monthly Musings: March 2021

March has been a weird one.

Namely because it marks one whole year being in a global pandemic. And who ever thought we’d be here for a whole year? I certainly didn’t. At the beginning of all this, my mentality went from ‘oh it won’t get that bad!’ to ‘ohhh it’ll be over by summer’ to ‘ohhhhhh it’ll be over by Christmas’, and here we are.

We’re still in the midst of it, one year on. Though, we can at least be more hopeful that we’re on the way out now that the vaccine is making it’s rounds. Still, it’s sometimes hard to trust that things will soon be normal-ish. I still don’t want to make any drastic plans for this year and end up being disappointed. So instead, I continue to plod on!

What else is new?

In other news, March also marks the start of Spring, of which I’m certain is now my favourite season of the year – in England at least. I’ve talked about it before in this post, but my feelings towards my country have just changed so much since I moved to rural Oxfordshire over a year ago. And Spring is absolutely the best time to be in the countryside!

Everywhere I walk starts to resemble a painting or an idyllic picture on a British postcard. The lambs, the daffodils, the blossoms, the baby bunnies – THE BABY BUNNIES, the fields glowing in yellow from rapeseed crops, the chirping birds, bumblebees, sunny days. It’s definitely a beautiful time to get outdoors!

A social media break?

I enjoy going online for fun things like watching Gilmore Girls or website-window-shopping (browsing and never buying anything because I’m so damn indecisive!) or looking at restaurant menus and dreaming about the day I can order a fat cheeseburger. Y’ know, all that fun stuff.

But, social media… every time I have a scrolling session, I just feel a little flat. And I feel as though I’m getting increasingly tired of it, which is obviously just perfect for a blogger.

I could take a break from social media, but I’ve done that before. Ideally what I’d like is to use it a lot less and in general just have more time away from screens – unless I’m doing something actually productive.


In keeping with the Spring theme, if you have access to watch Countryfile on BBC and like me, you’re a total nerd for countryside and nature and wildlife, then you should check out their lambing special that aired a couple of weeks ago. It would be an absolute dream for me to assist on a farm in lambing season, and this episode gave such a lovely insight!


Ever since returning home from my big year travelling around Australia and New Zealand, and since having zero trips since (thanks very much Covid), I’ve hoped to continue building my blog content on these two amazing destinations. But next, I really want to look back at some of the European trips I’ve had over the last few years. I have a real big thing for Europe, and I think it’s about time I share some of the love!

Dreaming about…

As much as I’m always thinking about the day I can be abroad again, this month I feel I’m quite simply dreaming of warmer days, reunion meals with friends, day trips to new destinations in England and generally, a route back to normality.

More travel and nature photos coming to Instagram – if you’re not already, follow along!

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