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Monthly Musings: February 2021

Well as it usually does, February has flown by! But it’s been quite an eventful one.

Quick side-note. If you caught my Musings in January, you’ll know that I’m starting out this new series of wrap-up posts, published at the end of every month. It’s kind of satisfying, like penning one big diary entry and throwing it on the Internet.

Anyway. In these monthly musings, I’ll talk about some good things that happened in the month and I’ll mention some of the tunes I’ve been listening to, shows I’ve been glued to (mostly of the travel persuasion), general blog updates and a low-down of all the places in the world I’m dreaming about right now!

February Highlights

Things around here are starting to get a little more hopeful. We now have a ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown here in England, which means we have an actual breakdown and dates to work towards, before we can reach some more normality. As things develop with all of our lives in that respect, so do the seasons, and Spring is well and truly on its way!

Spring was absolutely my favourite time in 2020 (could’ve done without Covid and lockdowns but you know). It cemented my love for my new home in the countryside, so I can’t wait for all the prettiness and sunshine of Spring again.

There are pregnant ewes in our local fields and every chance we get, we’re walking by desperately on the look out for new-born baby lambs. We’ve also been blessed with a few days of amazing weather, perfect for long country walks.

I started planning travel again! More on that later on in this post…


What’s new on the blog? Well, I finally wrote a little bit about a very special place. Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia was my temporary home during my year down under and I really tried to delve into some escape while writing my recent post all about walking to the iconic and very beautiful Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Sticking with Australia, I’ve added another post to the collection of 8 beautiful botanic gardens for every nature lover to visit on their future travels around Oz.


Feb’s been a great month for travel shows! I’ve loved watching Cornwall and Devon Walks with Julia Bradbury, she’s given me some real inspiration for future walking trips on the coast. And for more in the UK, I’ve enjoyed Joanna Lumley (who doesn’t enjoy Joanna Lumley?) and her 4-part series Home Sweet Home: Travels in my Own Land, exploring all kinds of beauty across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

I’ve also been catching up on Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve, a series he’s made at home during lockdown while reminiscing on his most amazing memories from his travels. The first episode is particularly lovely and quite thought-provoking as he looks at the people he’s met around the world, and shows the contrast between rich and poor. Makes you think!

One more that also makes you think is Ben Fogle: Lives in the Wild, a series of visits to various people mostly in the UK who have decided to break off from the norms and retreat to a life off-grid. Some of them live in complete simplicity, with no electricity, running water or even neighbours. Their reasons for changing lifestyles are interesting and I always find myself thinking, could I do what they’ve done?

Catch Julia and Joanna on ITV Hub, Simon’s Incredible Journeys on BBC iPlayer, and Lives in the Wild on My5.


Listen, February’s been a ridiculously quick and busy month. I’ve hardly had time to listen to much music at all! But if there’s one new song that I’ve really loved, it’s Remember Where You Are by Jessie Ware.

The video starring a very thoughtful Gemma Arteton walking around a vacant, locked-down London is pretty damn beautiful to watch too.


I’m still sharing travel memories and countryside snaps on Insta, including this one that I actually took last year towards the very end of Summer. Read the caption to find out exactly what mood I was in when posting it!

Dreaming about…

I bought this book a while back and have never picked it up for longer than a couple of minutes to flick through… until this month! I finally sat down and slowly leafed my way through, page by page, in awe at the beautiful photography.

Where to go when’, DK Eyewitness

I mentioned I’d started planning travel again…

Well, one Saturday I sat down with my Lonely Planet Best of Spain guide and flicked through the pages of Andalucia Hill Towns. It brought back the familiar feeling of excitement but it also made me think: whenever I do travel next, where will I feel most comfortable going? What kind of accommodation would I stay in? Would I go via plane, train, bus, boat?

One thing I’m quite sure of is, I won’t rush to any big cities when travel is possible again. I’d like to experience some more rural locations around Europe. And not just because I’m playing it safe, but because that is a side of travel I’d like to see more of! Being somewhere small, pretty and remote sounds perfect. Any recommendations?!

And as quick as February finished, so has my blog post! Hope you picked up a few recommendations and enjoyed reading my monthly musings!

If you’re not already, pop over to my Instagram to see what I get up to there!

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