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Monthly Musings: April 2021

April has been a pretty busy one…

โ€ฆ but let me start with a little piece of exciting news (mostly for me)

I passed a course!

I’ve kept it quiet but over the last 6+ months, I’ve been knuckling down – between work and lockdowns – to finally complete a TEFL course!

Thanks very much The Tefl Academy!

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is an option I’ve thought about for YEARS, but until 2020 just never took seriously enough. Doing the course now has felt like the perfect timing. It’s reignited my love with English as a subject, cemented a new-found passion for teaching and making a difference to foreign students and even given me hope that there could be an actual career out there for me – something I’ve long struggled to figure out.

And the cherry on top is the idea that if I work hard at becoming an EFL teacher, I can finally get myself on a path to the lifestyle I have always dreamed of; making an income while travelling and living abroad!

Now that I’m finally certified, I can’t wait to continue learning how I can be the best EFL teacher possible, and to see what teaching opportunities I can discover.

Fields full of sunshine!
Hello sunshine!

Spring – my favourite of the seasons – has arrived and graced us with some much-needed warmth and sunshine. We also woke up to snow one morning?! But enough of that.

These sunny days are what I crave and in between work, I can’t wait for outdoorsy time to picnic with friends and family, bask in the sun and discover some more new walks – and hopefully soon some more new places in England!


I’ll be honest, I’m using Instagram a lot less these days but when I do use it, I’m trying to link my content to the blog as much as possible. I’ve shared my Australia posts, my New Zealand posts and now in an effort to motivate me to finish my Bali posts, I’m sharing them! Eventually I will also be writing some new pieces on my European travels and I’ll share some of my favourite photos from places like Granada, Barcelona, Santorini, Rome, Cinque Terre, Lisbon, Lagos, Slovenia and more.

In the mix will also be some photos from my life here in the countryside – I hope I get the balance right! If it sounds like your thing, check out my feed and follow along!


Maybe it’s because I just re-watched Sweet Home Alabama, or maybe I’ve become a little bored with the same old tunes and playlists that frequent my Spotify account, but I’ve branched out recently… to country music!

All of a sudden, I just love listening to country songs – and the places that it takes my mind to when listening to them. Long country roads, mountain vistas, sleepy towns out in the middle of nowhere. I need to spend more time listening to country artists, but a favourite right now is definitely Chris Stapleton – the man’s voice is insane.

Dreaming of…

Lockdown has made me miss travel of all kinds, but the type of trips I’m really thinking about are quiet, rural escapes. Maybe that’s where the country music is tying in?

The perfect trip for me after restrictions have eased would be road-tripping around Europe, whether that’s by car, bus or train, I would love to see many more European countries but particularly their beautiful rural areas. Tulip fields and windmills in the Netherlands, lakes of Italy, mountains and alpine cabins of Switzerland, the sun-drenched Spanish countryside…

Where in the world would be your perfect post-lockdown trip?

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