When I’m not travelling or making plans to travel, or just day-dreaming about travel – I can usually be found doing a few of the following…

  • searching for new places to eat out (and stalking various restaurant Instagram accounts)
  • finding new areas to stroll in the countryside
  • listening to all kinds of tunes
  • watching travel and food documentaries (because has there ever BEEN a more perfect pairing?)
  • reading: more blogs and online magazines
  • writing: whatever sparks my enthusiasm
  • browsing home décor ideas on Pinterest (I particularly go a tad crazy pinning beach house interiors)
  • trying out cake recipes
  • watering my house plants and trying to stop myself from buying dozens more!

This is a small insight in to my day-to-day life, and an indicator as to what you can expect from the Lifestyle section of my blog. So, keep an eye out for new posts if any of these things sound like your cup of tea! Oh, and I spent a LOT of time drinking tea too.