My first big solo trip was a year spent exploring and working in amazing Australia. From the skylines of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to the beautiful beaches of the East Coast, the rainforests of Tasmania and the wild expanse of the Outback, I was fortunate to see a lot!

I also spent close to 6 months of my year working for an Aussie tour operator, meaning I switched planning my own itinerary to planning those of other travellers!

So, if there is one country that I feel I’ve learnt a lot about travelling in, it’s Australia! If you are planning your own Aussie adventure, I hope you’ll find some inspiration + tips to help you on your way. Here’s a few starting points…

If you have any questions at all, from what it’s like to backpack Australia, how much you budget or you’re looking for tips on the best routes to follow, feel free to get in touch. I’ll be more than happy to help you as best I can! Just drop me a line via my Contact page.

New Zealand

Towards the end of my year-long journey in Australia, I knew I definitely wasn’t ready to go home yet.

I wanted a slightly different change in scenery. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers… where could I go?

Just a hop + a skip away (or 2-3 hours by plane), I took myself off to travel New Zealand for a month. A month certainly wasn’t enough to see so many stunning places in one country, but provided me with an amazing introduction!

Start by reading a few of my favourite NZ experiences…


Long before my solo adventures to the other side of the world, my real passion for travel was mostly born in Europe and continued to grow there.

After summer breaks away with family and friends in Greece, France, Portugal, Spain and Croatia, I was bitten by the travel bug – specifically the European travel bug.

When I was 21, I finally decided I wanted to take a solo trip around Europe. It would be my first time ever going it alone, though I wasn’t completely alone as I joined two awesome group tours (a great way to dip your toe into solo travelling and build up some confidence!)

In those six weeks, I sailed in the Greek Islands, ate my way (in gelado + pizza) around Rome, Milan and Pisa, marvelled at mountain vistas in Switzerland, got my Portuguese-tile fix in Lagos and Lisbon, and fell head-over-heels for the Spanish/Middle Eastern vibes of Granada and Seville.