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T R A V E L • N A T U R E • L I F E S T Y L E

I’m Lucy and I created Earth Sun Wild Air as my little corner of the internet to capture all the things I love most about travel and nature.

Through this blog, I hope to tell tales of my adventures abroad and much closer to home as I start to explore more on my doorstep, here in the English countryside.

Primarily a travel + lifestyle blog, Earth Sun Wild Air focuses on sharing articles about cultural experiences, informative itineraries + guides on exploring some naturally stunning spaces around the globe.

If you’re passionate about travelling, embracing the great outdoors and love nothing more than discovering new places + reading stories to inspire your own travels, I hope that you’ll feel right at home here.

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S U N S H I N E • W I L D E R N E S S • C O A S T L I N E S

I am a travel writer, sun-chaser, story-teller and all-round nature nerd based in the pretty countryside of Oxfordshire, England.

Passionate about slowly exploring our wonderful world, making the most of the beautiful outdoors and always having time to indulge in a large cup of coffee and an even larger piece of cake.

Happiest when wearing a backpack + getting lost in a foreign country, strolling along calm shores + scavenging for seashells, capturing photos of nature in all of it’s forms, wandering streets of rustic European villages, and people-watching from a café window while scribbling thoughts into a notebook…

I’m also super happy that you’ve stopped by to read my blog – thank you! Find out a little more about me + a few of my favourite posts by clicking through these…

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